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Semantic Testing with Sift

Sift is a cross-platform CLI tool for dynamic API testing. Sift uses Aptori's proprietary Semantic Reasoning Technology to execute semantic intelligent fuzz testing. The semantic testing performed by Sift generates test cases made of stateful API request sequences that emulate user workflows. Input values in each test case are a mix of contextually appropriate values and improper values designed to abuse the API. The outcome is effective testing of the business logic of an application and the ability to find defects deeper in the code.

Sift runs in your CI pipeline or the development environment of your choice (Mac, Linux, Windows) to autonomously analyze an API for defects. Given an API definition and URL, Sift autonomously generates and executes requests to an API to discover security weaknesses and functional faults.

Sift can be configured to precisely run the tests that are most important to you.