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Hi, welcome to Aptori!

Aptori is the industry's first Autonomous API Testing Platform to use generative AI to make API testing 100x faster and 100x more effective.

Aptori can autonomously test your APIs to ensure they are secure, compliant, and free of defects.

We get it! Testing software is complicated; it is laborious and keeps you from doing what you love- building and releasing new features!

Aptori solves this problem by making API testing autonomous. Aptori autonomously generates stateful sequences of operations to test your APIs, so that you don't have to code and instrument individual tests.

Autonomous testing with Aptori enables you to:

Ship Faster confidently by removing the #1 bottleneck in the release process -- quality testing.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to manually code and instrument tests

Use Aptori to build better APIs!

Autonomous API Introspection

Aptori can explore the deep-states of your Application

You can use Aptori to autonomously analyze your API and find those hard-to-find defects and security vulnerabilities and fix them before your customers find them or hackers exploit them.

See the Autonomous API Introspection for an overview of our novel Semantic Reasoning technology, that enables Aptori to not just test individual API endpoints but autonomously assemble and interrogate thousands of potential API sequences rapidly.

Secure your API

Uncover and fix the vulnerablities in your API!

The security vulnerabilities Aptori can detect are derived from OWASP, SANS, and MITRE research. In addition to looking for the known patterns of abuse used by attackers, Aptori will uncover defects within the business logic specific to your application.

See the API Security Analysis overview for details on the types of security threats that Aptori can detect.

Ship with confidence

Aptori tests the business logic of your applicaiton to uncover functional and security defects

Aptori introspects your API to find functional and security faults in the business logic of your APIs. Tests for known patterns of attack vectors and universal application properties are available out of the box. In addition, Aptori provides a policy language that you can use to test properties specific to your application.

Key Concepts

Eager to get started with Aptori! Let's spend a few minutes introducing some key concepts

Your First Analysis

Follow the Getting Started guide to run your first analysis.