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Sift Analyzers

Analyzers are an integral part of Sift. Analyzers perform checks on operations in an API to find functional defects and security vulnerabilities in an application. Each analyzer performs a unique set of checks - see the description of an analyzer. If an operation fails the checks performed by an analyzer, then a finding is reported by Sift.

Each finding has a fault identifier that classifies the kind of fault detected by an analyzer. Fault identifiers begin with a 3-letter prefix that represents a class of faults.

Fault Prefix Description
CWE Common Weakness Enumeration. The MITRE Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) is a database containing industry standard classification of security weaknesses. Any security vulnerability is classified as one of the weaknesses in CWE.
SCF Conformance Fault. When a API operation does not conform to the API definition, the defect is classified as a SCF fault.
SFF Functional Fault. Functional defects are classified as a SFF fault.
SIF Injection Fault. A finding reported for a user-specified injection attack vector is classified as a SIF fault.
SPF Property Fault. When an API operation violates a user-specified property, the defect is classified as a SPF fault.

List of Analyzers: